Where to Buy Zoku Quick Pop Maker.
Im sure this particular popsicle would cool off anyone on a hot day with the refreshing tastes of pineapple and coconut.
A few days later, I was opening my package from Kitchenware Direct and placing my new Zoku Quick Pop Maker in every move you make the freezer. I couldnt wait to make something more fun.When we first looked at this we thought it would take overnight, the way that most popsicle trays work. I contemplated on purchasing one, but eventually I talked myself out.Do you have a Zoku?The Claim, zoku claims that their Quick Pop Maker can make popsicles in 7-9 minutes.The, zoku Quick Pop Maker has been making a splash in the frozen treats at home sector.The, zoku Quick Pop Maker lets you make customized frozen pops in as little as 7 minutes.When you want to make your Quick Pop sticks, just remove it from the freezer, pour in your favorite flavored pop recipe and it will freeze up nicely in about 6 7 minutes.This is the first one that works so quickly, and allows you to enjoy the fruit of your labor almost while you wait. I suppose it is, after all, especially if you enjoy popsicles.
Then I found that Kitchenware Direct stocked the Zoku Quick Pop Maker.
I contemplated for a couple of weeks on what to buy, placing things in my online shopping cart to see the total price, then emptying the cart and starting again with another collection of goodies.
How Well Does the Zoku Quick Pop Maker Really Work?
I didnt need to add any extra.
Not frozen solid.The majority of people say that it works like it says it will, and that it makes popsicles just like you think it would.At this price point it could be a tad expensive, but if it were priced any cheaper it probably wouldnt work like it does. I suppose the only thing I didnt like was the fact that the stringy fibers of the pineapple gave these popsicles a slightly odd texture and with some bites, made the popsicle look like it had hair sticking out of it!3.4.3177.0 from 1 reviews, pineapple Coconut Popsicles, icy, cold popsicles made with pineapples and coconuts.They had a great texture and I was really pleased with them. I left them in about 3 minutes longer and they were frozen enough to pull out.Yes, we were very cold when we were done enjoying our popsicles (it is winter here, after all but its worth.In the winter you can always put on another layer.But is the Zoku worth it?Until my mom gave me a 50 gift certificate to shop.But in the summer you can only take off so much.Theyve really thought this product out well, and it can be fun watching them freeze up while you wait.

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 They have a super strong hit of coffee, but its a lovely mocha taste.