If delivery has already been made, customer must immediately contact by e-mail with which they need to inform us about the cancellation.
In the case of digital products which have already been sent, the return or refund is possible only as long as the acquired product keys have not yet been redeemed!
The balance is then credited to the customer in Euro.).
If customer pre-ordered a game, and the key haven't been sent, he can ask for refund anytime before the delivery.(Information: Points cards may also still be redeemed.You also need a sufficient credit balance to rent or purchase movies in HD or TV series, changing your Xbox Live Gamertag, and more.We hope youll come visit us again sometime soon.M reserves the right to check the product key for validity within seven calendar days.Partial refund only happens: When customer bought 2 games in one order, and if he asks refund for one of the game in this order, he will get partially refund of this order.m may ask customers to provide evidence for reported problems.
Please check the spam or junk mail folder too.
We can refuse the repayment until we have validated the goods have been found to be in faultless condition; for game keys this means that they have not been redeemed.
Product description, use the Xbox Live Gift Cards to recharge your credit balance as an Xbox Live member, enabling you to shop the contents offered in the Xbox Live Store.
M will refuse to refund payments when game keys are reported as being redeemed already after the given time of 14 days after the delivery.
Thank you, thanks for your order.
This must be reported to m within 14 days after receiving the delivery by e-mail to:. .Customers must inform us by means of a clear declaration by e-mail at about the decision to cancel the order.If the already sent product keys have already been redeemed, reimbursement kortingsbon smulders of the originally paid payment is excluded.As long as the product has not been delivered, cancellation and refund is possible at any time, even after expiration of the 14 days.Refunds will not be issued due to your dissatisfaction with the product or if your computer does not meet the minimum Product requirements.Buy Xbox Live Card 10 Euro and you will receive your Xbox Live Card Code worth 10 Euro within a few minutes by eMail.If customer bought a wrong game or do not want the game anymore, we can refund and take back the key within 14 days (Starting from the purchase date but the key should not be redeemed.Enjoy contents in HD, wherever you are.

If the game key cannot be redeemed as usual, we will make a full refund our sent a replacement key after an examination of the problem.