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Overall is a great program.
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 Registration Introductory Remarks Kevin Laboe, FCA Group Welcome Prof.Bill Metherell Aaron Elworthy, Garage76 Automotive Group, Phillip ACT "Overall we have been very happy with Workshop Software, it has made a huge difference to our business in a very short period of time.Karen Ryan, Ulladulla RV Repair Centre "We felt we needed to upgrade to a more modern system and with Workshop Software integrating with myob has made my life easier.In terms of value for money Workshop Software is awesome.The software is so easy to use that I haven't even had to call support.".Angad Panesar, University of Brighton Developing a Test Bed for Small-Scale ORC Expanders in Waste-Heat Recovery Applications.The constant feature updates show that they are always progressing and looking to the cadeau idees future.Love the ease of use and the layout.Girdler, Allan (2002) 1997.Technical Session ONE: WHR Applications, technical Session TWO: System Modeling, improving The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems By Utilizing The Engine Coolant Heat.
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Zaki Aljafar Nano Alsharq Workshop, Saudi Arabia A wonderful and integrated program.
Very easy to use, the layout is good and has lots of handy features.This workshop will cover: Understanding reactivity.The Basics of Visualisation, statistics in R, planning on attending the main conference?Christos Markides, Imperial College London Technical Session three: Testing Isdell Courtyard Experimental Investigations of the Valorization of the Exhaust Waste Heat of a Gasoline Engine Based on a Rankine Cycle Oliver Dumont, University of Liege Testing of a Flexible ORC Thermal Architecture.Can I just add that the service tech lady who has contacted us in regards to workshop software and reckon is excellent, very professional and quick with her response and it doesnt matter how stupid our questions are she answered all of them.Corina Lo Rosso Brake Care, Frankston Victoria.Classic British Motorcycles of over 500cc.

If there are any issues you have, the support is quick and amazing too.
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