what to make with leftover mascarpone

It will take about 15 minutes of delicate heating.
It can support garnish, like fruit or sprinkles, without any trouble.
Do not expect the same action as you see during ricotta cheese making.Add the dates and mix for 30 seconds on medium speed.Butter the bottom and sides of an 8-inch/20-centimeter springform cake pan (cake tin) and line the bottom and sides with parchment paper.So dont top it until just before serving!I make my own using vanilla beans and vodka, but that requires a lot of planning ahead!This is a cheesecake that can be made crustless as in the version I made yesterday, or you can add your favorite graham or pastry crust.Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract.Pour the cream into a medium heat-resistant bowl, then place the bowl into the skillet.Slice with a sharp knife and serve warm, with the Cognac mascarpone alongside.
Its marvelous with ripe summer berries, finally appeared at our farmers markets.
BelGioioso in the white and green container, and I can usually find it in any grocery store.
Have no fear, it will firm up beautifully in the fridge, and will yet remain lusciously creamy.
Prepare the marmalade: Trim and discard the ends of the kumquats, slice the kumquats into 1/8-inch/1/4-centimeter rounds and discard the seeds (pips).
Measure out 1/4 cup marmalade and set aside.Fiori di Sicilia, which I buy at King Arthur freebies creative market flour.Cupcakes, cake, ice cream, pie, brownies, hot chocolate, fruit, your face, macaroni and cheese wait, not that last one.This cheesecake is delicious simply dusted with powdered sugar, drizzled with a fruit puree, or topped with fresh berries as shown in my photos.It was moist, light, with just a hint of lemon flavor.Bake until the cake springs back to a light touch in the center or a skewer inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean, 60 to 75 minutes, rotating the cake halfway through baking.