As I stirred it more of the liquid became cuccio make a wish in rome slushy, or I guess Slurpee.
I froze the Slush Mug as per the instructions and put in a Starbucks Coffee Mocha drink I had keep in refrigerator.
No lights, no batteries, but.Leo said it works pretty much the way his soft ice cream maker works.The cost is reasonable,.99.The Slush Mug turns nearly any beverage into a Slushee (aka Slurpee) in just a few minutes.The whole operation takes about 6 minutes.The secret to creating Slushees with the perfect consistency is its patent-pending Glaciercore.Simply freeze the Glaciercore and then add any naturally sweetened beverage to create a Slushee in minutes.And kids will love making their own drinks.You can turn nearly any beverage into a Slushee/Slurpee in just minutes.Notice, its not for every beverage.
Sunkist or Hawaiian Punch Slushee?
After a couple of minutes the drink started to freeze.
Its from the fun folks at Vat19.
Monday, May 18th, 2009 Netcast 831.The Slush Mug doesn't use ice or a blender, it doesn't water down your Slushee.You can turn nearly any beverage into a delicious frozen treat in about 6 minutes with a few exceptions.The Slush Mug really wont work on artificially sweetened beverages.So it wont work with diet sodas or diet drinks.At first I thought it wasnt going to do anything.This is a fun item.The results taste great.M, hear this gift for 2 verlopen Netcast: /dgw831.Its from the fun folks.As I stirred it more of the liquid became slushy, or I guess Slurpee.'Een jasje uitgedaan' is een rake uitdrukking.

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