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If youre unsure if the thing that youre selling is worth what youre charging for, then most people will not be able to sell.
Only going out there and asking more people to buy your stuff will make a real difference in the long run.Also, be aware that yParse will fail if the string is too long to "fit" into int.In the video below I share exactly what you need to focus on to make money in network marketing.All great companies are great at sales: sudoku maken met letters Oracle.Sales should be the absolute center of what your company does, every single day.And, I know that sounds strange.If you are concerned about performance, use neither yParse nor Regex - write your own (simple) function (DigitsOnly or DigitsOnly2 below, but soup and smoothie maker not, digitsOnly3 - linq seems to incur a significant overhead). And getting out there and asking people for their business.Elapsed start for (int i 0; i iterations; i) int dummy; bool success yParse(s1, out dummy bool failure yParse(s2, out dummy op rmat yParse:.All of these are important issues to be sure, but they pale into insignificance compared to the one area of business that contributes most to success.Higdon, email: Facebook m/rayhigdonpage.
But usually, someone who has the muscle memory of making money can usually make money much much faster than someone that has money hangups or scarcity mindsets around money.
Number Two, as far as making 1,000 bucks, here is what I recommend.
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Most people arent scammers.
It may sound crude, but ultimately an obsession with sales is at the heart of all sustained business growth.Here's an exercise well worth trying: Sit down and work out what the average amount of time is your people are spending each week either directly selling or on improving the sales process.Number One, i would say the number one thing that you need to understand is that the product, service or whatever it is that youre selling, you must SEE that as providing more in value than it cost in money.Either refining how they sell or getting out there and getting face to face with potential customers.Time spent daily on Sales.Ray Higdons Network Marketing Blog, skype: ray.How much time should you spend on sales?