tel make a wish

She wishes she _ (study) it better at schipholtickets kortingscode school.
I wouldn't have toothache now.Now, he wishes he _ (go) to college.Robert cant dance very well, but he wishes he _ (can dance) better.I wish I _ (know) someone to whom I could have gone for advice when I was.Mike didnt go to college after school.(will get/got/would get) on better with his parents.(would keep / kept / had kept) my appointment with the dentist yesterday.
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I wish you_ (to give) him my phone number at that party.
I am not deaf you know.
If I could get a better job, it would be / better. .
7) I wish.
Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous, i wish you had had time then.Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.The weather was awful.I wish I _ (to know) Sues telephone number.If I knew the answer, it would be better. .The weather was hot while we were there.I wish I knew the answer.I wish I _ (can drive) a car and we could go travelling.