The following, crops can be grown in Fall.
Exotic Foraging Bundle, coconut, desert Foraging Cactus Fruit how to make a music box from scratch Desert Foraging Cave Carrot The Mines, either smashing boxes or tilling soil Red Mushroom Foraging in The Mines, Summer or Fall Foraging in the Secret Woods, The Farm Cave (mushroom option Tapping a Mushroom Tree Purple Mushroom.
The ID for clay is 330, naming your chracter 330 would spawn clay every time a villager says your name in dialogue.Note: as you cannot change your name in Stardew Valley, the naming your character method can only tony chocolonely cadeau be used to spawn up to three types of items each game.Bullhead Found in the Mountain Lake, Anytime, All Seasons.Note that this applies only to non-datable villagers whom you have met in person.Crop, seed Price, days to Grow, regrowth, maximum Harvests per Season.It's followed by winter and preceded by summer.History.3 : Removed an exploit that allowed some furniture to be used in place of items to fill bundles.Found in Cindersap Forest pond, Anytime, Spring, Summer, or Fall.3250 250g 312g 375g 8250*1.25 312g 390g 468g 7250*1.5 375g 468g 562g Ocean 6pm 2am Summer Fall Any sinker 29 Wizard (loved gift) Tiger Trout A rare hybrid trout that cannot bear offspring of its own.In this case, you can choose which coole fotos maken of the shown items you want to use to fill the bundle.
This page contains a list of all the item codes you can use with the.
This scene is triggered by entering.
3900 900g 1125g 1350g 8900*1.25 1125g 1406g 1687g 7900*1.5 1350g 1687g 2025g North of JojaMart on the wooden plank bridge.
A few bundles display more items than there are slots to fill (.g., Artisan Bundle: 12 items, 6 slots to fill).
Topaz 70, jade 72, diamond 74, prismatic Shard 75, stone 76, stone 77, stone 78 Cave Carrot 80 Quartz 82 Fire Quartz 84 Frozen Tear 86 Earth Crystal 88 Coconut 90 Cactus Fruit 92 Sap 93 Torch 94 Spirit Torch 96 Dwarf Scroll.Reward: Dish o' The Sea (5) Boiler Room Boiler Room Before Completion Boiler Room After Completion The Boiler Room appears after completing two bundles.For more in-depth help using the item cheat, please see our spawning items guide.Any Fall Any smooth 155.Requires level 3 fishing.285 85g 106g 127g 785*1.25 106g 132g 159g 685*1.5 127g 159g 191g Ocean 4pm 2am Spring Fall Rain smooth 26 Night Fishing Bundle Fried Eel Spicy Eel Red Snapper A popular fish with a nice red color.Note that the "Seed Price" shown is the.You can be in the saloon from 12pm until 2am when you fall asleep.

Tiger Trout Found in Rivers, 6am 7pm, Fall and Winter.
Artisan Bundle Truffle Oil (1) Made from Truffles using an Oil Maker Cloth Loom, Recycling a Soggy Newspaper Goat Cheese Cheese Press Cheese Cheese Press Honey Bee House Jelly Preserves Jar Apple Apple Trees during Fall, The Farm Cave (fruit bat option) Apricot Apricot Trees.