While CJ Harrington did provide instructions for using an accelerant, I can't share those due to liability concerns.
When you consider the money saved by burning many bags of trash in your barrel, or the space you are saving in a landfill, it makes sense.(See bottom of post.).Recycle and Compost Separate out any recyclables and use your local recycle centers.Make sure the edges of the barrel are on the blocks but there is an airspace directly under the barrel.Contact your local municipality for proper disposal options.Many common plastic containers such as laundry jugs, shampoo, dish make your own iron on patches soap, vinegar, etc are #1 and #2, which are recyclable in most areas.
If you want something a little more casual than false lashes, obviously mascara is the best bet!
Burn Right has an Extra Large 100 Stainless Steel Hi-Temp Burn Barrel Including Ash Catcher.
And if you want your long lashes to last into the night, a dash.Look in backyards, behind garages.Make absolutely sure there are NO aerosol cans in your trash!If you dont have one and are thinking of making one, please check local ordinances.Fortunately, its not rocket science.Locals will wait until the barrel is about full of ash.How do I make a burn barrel?Household hazardous waste, such as paint and chemicals.See, not that hard at all!Check out our range of eye primers here.This is done to permit airflow and help with drainage.Be considerate of your neighbors!