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You can support producers of The Man From Earth by buying the retail DVD, which should be available in the US stores from tomorrow.
For that I say, thank YOU!This guy really deserves support from the file shareing community!Eric: Heres is a picture I took of myself five minutes ago in front of my computer screen while logged into.When I make my next picture, I just may upload the movie on the net myself!Two words: Torrent / File Sharing sites (well, four words and a slash).
Thanks to everyone who has downloaded this torrrent and watched the film, our awareness level is through the roof.
I received a very pleasant mail today.
To Whom It May Concern: My name is Eric.
In the future, I will not olifanten masker maken complain about file sharing.Also the Director, Richard Schenkman gives his backup that both of the men have discussed the matter quite extensively before reaching out to the download community.How did this all happen?YOU have helped PUT this little movie ON THE MAP!Its good to see that some people realize that internet piracy isnt just evil.Recently his new myspace message confirms.Here are some reasons: his comment IP matches his comcast ISP when a whois query is initiated his email is the same on his myspace page and he references in his rlslog comments he recently cadeau vogelspotter added zelf reinigingsmelk maken more proof with an image of himself with the.