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Mountain bluebirds in flight by georgeandgracie 244.
The participants in this week's contest are:.
Summer_Sky by yellowstudio 288.Fancy I fly by blumenlimonade 115.Feathered Friends by robyriker 123.Birds by loeff.Colibrí by la_nonna_aida.Flying South by fable_design 196.Bumblebee Flights of Fancy by bumblebeedc.Birds of a feather by ragan.Ditsy Birds by kimsa.
Spoonflower_Birds_AW by cherylnancy 283.
Garden Escape by mag-o 206.
Doves on linen by wendyg.
Canaries by randomarticle.
Underwater Flight Murres Swimming by aldea 305.Fancy Feathers by graceful 112.Peacock plumes palette limited how to make gyros by katarina 259.Spirit_bird by genebrown 280.Waves of Wings by penina 313.After the storm by fallingladies.Untitled_29 by jensmi 307.This little selection should have something to fit the bill.Balloon launch by svogey.They combine effortlessly into make your own ranch dressing dreamy homewares and gifts that your mum will cherish and admire the whole year through.Flying high by ravynka 193.

Happy blue bird by minimiel 214.
Birds_-_flight_entry-ch-ch-ch by golden_xylem.
Budgie_stripe by roxiespeople.