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If youre removing an original reluctor wheel, first place matchmarks on both the reluctor wheel and crank rear flange.
Its also possible that a new crank that you bought didnt include a pre-installed wheel.
As the wheel expands from the heat, it becomes easy to pull it off by hand (youll need to wear heavy welders gloves, obviously).Either tooth-count wheel can be installed on any LS crank, as long as you have a controller hondenmand maken designed for the specific tooth-count.Check to make sure that the wheel features no discernable runout, and make sure that it is aligned properly with the crankshaft position sensor, which is located at the left-rear of the block.The only exception would be for builds that will feature both a carburetor and a distributor.Most aftermarket crankshaft manufacturers sell LS cranks with the wheel already installed, but its possible that you bought a crank where the reluctor wheel is sold separately.
Fan/Motor Location (FP-D250/D350/D350H).
The reluctor wheel features a series of teeth that provide crankshaft position signals (via a sensor) to the ECM.
If youre starting from scratch and have a choice, its best to go with a 58-tooth wheel and matching controller for a more accurate timing control.
Fan/Motor Location (FP-D450/D600).
An example of a performance aftermarket LS crank that was purchased without a reluctor wheel installed.If you opt to buy an aftermarket performance crankshaft (lets say youre building a stroker engine, for example the crankshaft may or may not include a reluctor wheel.The two need to match.The chamfering is advised to ease installation.Instead, carefully and evenly heat weekkalender met foto maken the wheel with a torch to roughly 200 degrees.Thats guaranteed to ruin the wheel.MSDs LS Series Ignition Control Units.Toner hopper unit.Shown here is the dowel pin hole in the cranks rear flange.If you plan to use an aftermarket controller, it really doesnt matter, as long as you buy the correct timing controller that matches your wheels number of teeth.Attempting to cold-press the wheel onto the crank can be tricky since maintaining a square alignment of the wheel to the crank may be difficult.This is important to note for those who plan to use an aftermarket timing control unit.For this article, I performed a sample installation.