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Sit is chiefly intransitive and does not take an object: Let's sit here in the shade.
"fixed.1200, sett, past participle of setten "to set" (see set (v.).To place in some relation to something or someone: We set a supervisor over the new workers.To urge, goad, or encourage to attack: to set the hounds on a trespasser.The teacher sets a high value on neatness.Set apart, to reserve for a particular purpose.A collection of articles designed for use together: a set of china; a chess set.Devenir enfin ce que l'on est déjà, ne plus s'en éloigner.To dismiss from the mind; reject."In subsequent developments of meaning influenced by SET.1 and apprehended as equivalent to 'number set together OED.To put together types corresponding to (copy compose in type: to set an article.To define; describe: to set out one's arguments.
Resolved or determined; habitually or stubbornly fixed: to be set in one's opinions.
To land an airplane: We set down in a heavy fog.
To put aside (a substance to which yeast has been added) in order that it may rise.
Origin of set before 900; (v.) Middle English setten, Old English settan; cognate with Old Norse goedkoop projectiescherm maken setja, German setzen, Gothic satjan, all Germanic *satjan, causative of *setjan to sit1 ; (noun) (in senses denoting the action of setting or the state of being set) Middle.
To bring about; cause.
Set down, to write or to copy or record in writing or printing.Figured out how to stop the epidemic it set loose on the world?To consider; estimate: to set someone down as a fool.To fix the value of at a certain amount or rate; value: He set the car at 500.Many disparate senses collect under this word because of the far-flung meanings assigned to the verb: "Action of hardening 1837; also "manner or position in which something is set" (1530s hence "general movement, direction, tendency" (1560s "build, form" (1610s hence "bearing, carriage" (1855 "action.Registered users who wish to post messages and comments can do so in this section.Alors, ce Secret, j'ai essayé de l'explorer, de le mettre.To begin a journey or trip; depart.To affix or apply, as by stamping: The king set his seal to the decree.The carriage or bearing of a part of the body.Old English settan (transitive) "cause to sit, put in some place, fix firmly; build, found; appoint, assign from Proto-Germanic bi)satjan "to cause to sit, set" (cf.To design; plan: to set out a pattern.To fix firmly or in an immobile manner.

In readiness; prepared: They were at the starting line and all set to begin.
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To have a certain direction or course, as a wind, current, or the like.