Abarevolien Formation Due to being a fusion of Mikela, Voffa and Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya, DezumoVoorla can change its size at will.
Sometimes the grenades would detonate the moment they struck the ground.
Make My Body Grow.Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger - make elastic waistband smaller Goche Ru Medou inserts the "Get Big/Gros caliber" Lupin Collection artifact into the safe on her back, which loads a shot of growth serum into her ammo belts, which she unieke cadeaus voor vrouwen then shoots into the remains of the fallen.The Vice-Shoguns have an Enlarge Inro Shoulder Pad in their left shoulder that enable them to be enlarge and returned to normal size.Juuzaiann Braidy was enlarged by being bitten by an alien bat, sent by Agent Abrella.However, monsters later in the series would be shown to have the ability to grow by themselves.Last Ninja Race Intermediate Announcement!
Tsuyoindaver have the same power printed on his DNA, letting him enlarge himself anytime he wants.
Father and Daughter Chouriki Sentai Ohranger - Starting from Episode 8, after Kocha was outfitted with an enlarging beam, Acha would swing her like a flail, then toss her onto a fallen Machine Beast, then zaps them with the beam, which reboots, repairs and enlarges.
Power Rangers itunes korting belgie in battle.
Hydro Regenerator, after one of Mesogogs Mutations was destroyed by the Dino Rangers, Mesogog would activate his Hydro Regenerator which would activate a cloud to rain on the monsters remains, making it grow.
Samurai / Super Samurai Mega Monsters Nighloks would grow giant after being beaten in regular size.
However, due to Sledges Ship being stuck on Earth, it bounces off a satellite to reach said monster.Moltor shot a dart at his to make them grow.Why bother with the size increase.Power Rangers Ninja Storm - Lothor 's lairship would launch a Scroll of Empowerment to revive and/or enlarge the monster, though some of the main villains just piloted Zord-like robots instead.Should a monster be powerful enough, like in the cases of Lord Arcanon or Badussa, the monster affected by the Magnabeam can be forced back to their original size when defeated by a Megazord as opposed to being destroyed.