make me wine

However, if your wine does turn to vinegar, don't throw it away.
Elderberry is sometimes confused with water hemlock, inkberry, or pokeberry, but if you look closely, these plants are quite different.Fill the wine bottle with bird seed and set in clamp. The channels will help the bird feeder fit together snugly and securely as well as look nicer.6) 1 plywood @ 55 7) 1 plywood @ 512 1/2 Angled at 45* down to 10 at sides.The liquid should be bright red in color after three days in the sun.They are also very sticky like glue and will coat your hands and your fermenting vessels.I wouldn't waste my time or money on them.) I also make up elderberry jellies and syrups, too, but this zelf gratis webshop maken post is all about the finding the berries and making wine.Question Can I use bread yeast for fermentation?
There are two things that you must be meticulous about.
Ingredients 4 quarts loosely packed elderberries (be sure they are dark ripe) 2 quarts boiling water 6 cups cane sugar 1 cup of chopped raisins, directions, this recipe is made in stages.
It just needs the right conditions.
At the end of this period, strain through several thicknesses of cheesecloth.
Of course there is no need to make tea especially for this purpose, if you usually throw away half a pot of tea, as I think most people do ( this was written in the days before tea-bags just save this until you have four.
Back to, how to make wine.Mine didnt start bubbling right away, but I cheated a bit and used the same spoon to stir both batches of wine.Either one has the potential of ruining the whole batch.To keep seeds and other organic matter from block the spigot that you see in the third picture, get some cuttings from some fruit trees, bundle them together with string, feed the end out the spigot and then close the spigot to hold the bundle.Like all foods, wine requires you to be clean so that you do not contaminate your good new grapes with anything left over from previous endeavors.A few bugs tend to hitch rides in the bucket as well, and you don't want them in the wine.The wine is still cooking very slowly.As you can see, in this batch we had both white and red grapes.If your fresh fruit is too acidic and the fermentation seems sluggish, you might have a "Must" that is too acidic.Since fruit has natural yeasts on its skin, it's possible to make wine using only the yeast from the fruit's skin and the air.Over the seasons the slats have shrunk by drying.Using tap water can affect the taste of your wine, since it contains additives.Return to kettle or crock to settle for two days more.Berries and other fruits with lower sugar content will need a little more honey.