For a list of known incompatibilities, see Portable Shell Programming in Autoconf.
When the target-pattern matches a target, the can match any part of the target name; this part is called the stem.
Most programs dont need any pre-installation commands, but we agility slalom zelf maken have the feature just in case it is needed.They should install their header files in two places, one specified by includedir and one specified by oldincludedir.The situation is just the same as when the shell is killed by a signal; see Interrupts.(notdir names) Extracts all but the directory-part of each file name in names.If this file name was /bin/make, then the recipe executed is cd subdir /bin/make.Origin nor any other person or entity is under any duty to update any of the forward-looking statements to conform them to actual results.If a file is found in one of them, that file may become the prerequisite (see below).In particular, you cannot use them anywhere within the target list of a rule; they have no value there and will expand to the empty string.Here we use the shell AND operator ( ) so that if the cd command fails, the script will fail without trying to invoke the gobble command in the wrong directory, which could cause problems (in this case it would certainly cause./foo to be truncated.10 Using Implicit Rules Certain standard ways of remaking target files are used very often.For example, when testing a makefile, you might not care if the source files contain real data, only that they exist.
The return value of the function is the result of expanding the function.
There are four levels of granularity when synchronizing output, specified by giving an argument to the option (e.g., -Oline or -output-syncrecurse).
However, this support does not include the wildcard expansion, where backslash is a" character.
If you are not interested in this reconstruction, you can use * instead of in the prerequisites list.
Obviously, this is not a very interesting case since the same result could more easily have been achieved simply by having both variables appear, unescaped, in the prerequisites list.
9.7 Summary of Options Here is a table of all the options make understands: -b -m These options are ignored for compatibility with other versions of make.The -d option is equivalent to -debuga (see below).However, it does not contain a complete programming language and so it has limitations.Computed variable names can also be used in substitution references: a_objects :.o.o.o 1_objects :.o.o.o sources : (a1 objects:.o.c) defines sources as either.c.c.c.c.c.c, depending on the value.Sounds like a perfect day.Please make these install-format targets invoke the commands for the format target, for example, by making format a dependency.For example, the actual distribution file for GCC version.40 is called gcc-1.40.tar.It is also followed recursively for prerequisites that come from implicit rules, in the search for a chain of rules.You can determine whether GNU Guile support is available by checking the.features variable for the word guile.If an ordinary file b does not exist, and make considers a target that depends on b, it invariably creates b and then updates the target from.

The multiple expansions of text are concatenated, with spaces between them, to make the result of foreach.