make a conjecture

This is the sort of proof I believe that Goldbach wanted for his conjecture.
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I am not concerned with finding the precise answer here, since it doesn't affect my proof.
I will not be able to clear up every single error made in regard to Goldbach's Conjecture, of course.
So, not only is it impossible to achieve, it is both senseless and counterproductive.
As PDF Ben-Amram, Amir.
The density already applies to sub-parts of the wall as well as both walls together and each wall separately.
In reasearching the Collatz Conjecture, I have found some material that says that a more general set of problems has been shown to be unprovable; yet the specific (above-discussed) Collatz Conjecture may yet be provable.You don't have to round up or down.But in general, sums are not dealt with in the same way as prime and non-prime densities.So only the bottom row can go to itself.Cultured magazine, Wall Street Journal, and, new American Painting and others.

The c (or better 3 c ) and d arrays are precalculated for all possible k -bit numbers b, where d (b) is the result of applying the f function k times to b, and c (b) is the number of odd numbers encountered.