Ctrl Click on the layer window of the Deck color layer and then go to Layer Layer Mask Reveal Selection.
Step 2, now create a new layer by click on the new layer button in your layers palette (Right next to the trash can on the left) If you dont have your layers palette active, go to Window Layers or press F7 for the shortcut.
Download high quality, test-king Certification exam dumps rejuvelac maken to prepare and pass 117-201 exam with 640-911 dumps certification.Step 5, now that we have our graphics on the board, we can begin with the finer details.Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.Select another piece from the Starfield stock image as shown below: Cover the text with the star texture, then set the layer blending mode of the new star texture layer to Screen: Step 6 Were almost done!Till next time, have a great day!Firstly it planing only tower and some fir tops, after several weeks it mutate in something like homestead in forest when you see.Sure this might be looking a bit strange at the moment, but that will change in a moment.
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Time to bring in some colors.You will now notice that the letters have paths around them.OK Lets get started!Load the Starfield stock image into.Pretty simple and easy right?Click on the text and then hold down alt and drag it away, this will duplicate the text or you can just use the normal copy and paste method.This will act as your background for the time being.To complete this tutorial, you will need the following stocks: 3D Text Render, starfield by zummerfish, nebula Texture Stock by ex-astris1701, step 1, create a new document sized 1200px * 620px with black background.