how to make a word cloud

(of distress, anxiety, etc.) to reveal itself in (a part of one's face Worry clouded his brow.
Premium, includes everything from Basic and: 800-Word, hotel Description 800-Word, room Descriptions, descriptions in 10 Languages, editorial Support for Hotel Descriptions (Paid Add-on Upon Request).Adjective of or relating to cloud computing : cloud software; cloud servers.2019 Related how to make computer fan Words for cloud gloom, vapor, darkness, fog, smoke, puff, smog, mist, veil, steam, shower, swarm, dim, darken, overshadow, eclipse, blur, perplex, puzzle, muddle Examples from the Web for cloud Contemporary Examples of cloud An innovative gift is the Qardioarm, a blood pressure monitor.Anything that obscures or darkens something, or causes gloom, trouble, suspicion, disgrace, etc.There was indeed a sun that nothing could cloud, but it seemed to shine origineel cadeau vrouw far away.Historical Examples of cloud I wanted you to see the last of that town under a cloud, so you might not be homesick so soon.To make obscure or indistinct; confuse: Don't cloud the issue with unnecessary details.For days a cloud hung over the fair image of Hester in his mind.Content Delivery Network (CDN avoid network traffic jams and decrease latency by keeping data closer to users.
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He whirled about in his swivel chair, and blew a cloud of smoke from his mouth.
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Eric lobbies for an industry of benign usefulness, non-partisan in nature, and over which no cloud of serious controversy looms.
Clouds are formed when air that contains water vapor cools below the dew point.
The fsln-controlled legislative assembly approved the mega-project under a cloud of secrecy in a record seven days.
To place under suspicion, disgrace, etc.Idioms and Phrases with cloud cloud In addition to the idioms beginning with cloud cloud over also see: head in the clouds on cloud nine silver lining, every cloud has under a cloud The American Heritage Idioms Dictionary Copyright 2002, 2001, make more download 1995 by Houghton Mifflin.Exceedingly happy; in high spirits: On the night of the prom the seniors were on a cloud.A great number of insects, birds, etc., flying together: a cloud of locusts obscuring the sun.Cloud connotes especially daydreaming: His mind is in the clouds.Others Are Reading Word of the Day amphiscians.In the clouds "removed from earthly things; obscure, fanciful, unreal" is from 1640s.

Verb (used without object) to grow cloudy ; become clouded.
Origin of cloud before 900; Middle English; Old English cld rock, hill; probably akin to clod, related formscloudlike, adjectiveintercloud, verb (used with object).
Old English clud "mass of rock, hill related to clod.