Most people dont look forward to completing online surveys or feedback cards unless theyre getting something in return.
It shows as three horizontal lines intersecting a vertical line.With such an open-ended feature, its no surprise its been used in hundreds of ways from the serious to the ridiculous.This will not confirm your vote.Then youve got a perfect chance to interact with your followers directly.Its a balancing act, really.Polls act just like any other tweet.In the end, theyre free to create and dont take much time.
For example, we could use a Twitter Poll asking Have you used Twitter Polls yet?
If onderscheid maken in you're not sure, hover your cursor over each button until the black label "Add Poll" appears.
Twitter tallies all the votes in the background and shows live results.How much data do you want to collect.To do this, tap on the "1 day" dialogue next to the words "Poll Length" and set a time span that corresponds to how long you would like to collect answers from your followers.Navigate to your profile by tapping the "Me" button at the bottom-right of the screen.If theres enough content you could consider writing a blog post on the subject with the input of your audience.