I should have the Future of the Fortress post ready around tomorrow.
And here is a reasonably intense-looking DF guide in French.
Things are partially back together now, with the new compiler in place.They focused on it being a two-member project surviving through donations.A Future of the Fortress reply and the 2016 report.04/21/2018 I've mainly been looking at the adventure information screen, trying to make it somewhat usable, more than just giant alphabetical lists that don't relay much pertinent information.An old bug gumming up the mayor's meeting queue is fixed, and I made the queue slightly more robust in general.Pulling many criminals out of the sewers and catacombs and into some of the taverns and out on the streets and so on, provided they vaguely fit in to the larger community.The deposed queen was imprisoned in Targetroad, though the gracious King Aslot later gave her a minor barony where she lived out her days until a quiet death.It's possible to get the smaller places to have as-needed incidental historical festivals in world generation (respecting a regular schedule that carries into play) to provide context for invasions and monster attacks and so on, but we'll tackle that later.Reactions can now be categorized within shop menus and they can provide information during job selection to stop it all from being overwhelming.
Due to the nature of the event, it focuses more on adventure mode, but of course much of the material applies to fortress mode as well.
They'll find the space if you leave an area without tables and chairs.
In 59, Dastot received his first assignment from Queen mcdonalds kortingsbonnen 2016 Erush, to infiltrate the human town of Bunnyvise on the goblin border.I'll keep smoothing it out!Next I'm going to finish the display jobs in dwarf mode before I get back to maps.There's a bit more to do before we move on from world generation, in order to make things more properly villainous.04/25/2015 Floated back to dwarven instruments for a bit, finishing up various bugs and text.Nothing too drastic, but some interpersonal drama and some new positions, stuff that forms links.I began doing start/restart conditions for work orders as well.As usual, the fortresses are just a few pixels; there are three colored here.) To see how this came to pass, we'll start with Lomoth Hummedage, a bandit causing minor trouble around the human town of Bucklejacks.Here is September's report and a Future of the Fortress reply.Though we are planning on adding full turn-based control mode for combat purposes, which you can turn on and off, perhaps for this release as well depending on how smoothly villains.Of course, this opens up all kinds of world-determining issues, depending on how marriage interacts with family membership and which child has which inheritance rights over heirlooms etc etc etc, and so forth.There was an issue with the material display when building adventurer sites - it was still counting some objects you had already used, so be sure to check the material is actually on hand when you try to build.With the work order additions and adventurer-created sites, this one ended up with more new stuff and fewer bug fixes than expected, and my version calculator just tipped over.43.Our plan here is to have a reasonably basic form of counter-intelligence; at the minimum, the supporting characters associated to a target will be able to use their intrigue skill, along with the target's, to root out spies and otherwise prevent infiltration.