Put it either in the Top Level or in a Collection (you dont have the option of saving it to a Smart Collection).
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This video explains how to create a multi photo collage in Adobe Lightroom 5 which can be printed or PDF'd.
Resizing the Cells, by default, the boxes are only small on the canvas, because weve set our canvas so big (85 in by 31 in).From the top menu, choose Print and then Create Saved Print.Conclusion Lightroom offers more tools than most how to make burrata cheese of us use, and the Print tab is the perfect example of this.If you want to replace a photo, simply drag a new one into the same cell.You make your own meme online can then move it into position and stretch it to fit the layout you want.Set Color Management to sRGB.
Here you have pull down menus with standard photo sizes.
Here you will see some buttons for different photo ratios.
Once you have clicked on one of the custom default templates disregard the size that opens.
Different Layouts You dont have to do the kind of random-size like the example above.
You can also rotate cells if you like.Its just another way to streamline your workflow and save yourself precious time. I typically choose to save mine in the User Templates folder that is already in Lightroom by default.Theres more than one way to do this.Subscribe for more content.

Now simply drag the photo you want to insert and drop it into the cell you want that photo.
Getting Ready for Exporting Now that were happy with how it looks, we need to set up the exporting so we end up with a single image we can upload to Facebook.
 If the photos you want to use are from several different sessions, then you will need to create.