how do you make a screenshot on a mac

To draw a freehand line around the area you want to capture, click the curved line shape with a dot (the second icon in the bar at the top and then trace around the area you want to capture.
3 Press CtrlV to paste your screenshot into paint.When you release the cursor, the image will be captured and open in the Snipping Tool.If your images open with a different app, press Command as you click the file, select Open With and choose Preview.If not, you can read this article and learn this trick in many ways.This tool is a compact software for you to download and use it according to needs with all things available at a place.The option you see will look different depending on your version.The screen will flash briefly and a preview of the screenshot will appear at the bottom-left corner of the screen.Its the small image at the bottom-left corner.
Simply click the pencil icon on the preview of the screenshot to draw on it or the crop symbol to change the size of the screenshot before you save.
Click and drag to select the area of the screenshot you want to use then click the "Crop" button the right of the Select tool.
Swipe left across the examples and tap the one xbox gift card 70 you want to use.
Slide the Light slider left to make the image darker, or right to increase its brightness.Way Three: Snipping Tool, snipping Tool is another way for you to screenshot Acer.Compatible with Windows 7,8,.Declaration: t provides cloud server for you to upload, share and remove your files.This tool also provides two annotating options when youve taken a screenshot with.