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Aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' and.
When we study this species in more detail, we find characteristics of both Fargesia dracocephala and Fargesia rufa, both species being native to this region.
For short periods, temperatures dropped as low as -20C (-3F).These new introductions certainly did not contribute to a better overview.However, when we take into account the natural variation within the species and thereby enlarging the frame of reference, this bamboo belongs to the group of Fargesia nitida.He found this bamboo as a seedling at the Jiuzhaigou Park (Garten Praxis 3/1999) in Northern Sichuan.Some of these could prove to be extremely hardy, whereas others are barely able to withstand some frost.During the summer, the highest temperature can.6C (85F).From then on, when the plants were distributed among growers and collectors this name started to lead its own life.Jiuzhaigou 3 to 10 are seedlings that were collected.From a distance, this species resembles 'Henon's bamboo Phyllostachys nigra 'Henonis but the culms are comparatively thicker and the leaves are smaller.From the same park,.
My colleague Hans Prins and I looked for the description of this species, but the thick culms did not seem to fit the description, or perhaps this could have been a giant among the scabridas.
This is the case with one bamboo in particular.
Not only does the name sound well, but also when in the future the species should be known more exactly, the species name can easily be placed between the generic name Fargesia and the cultivar name 'Rufa'.
These show even more of the variation within the species.
We would then have at last a 'Pubescens' that will grow well in cooler summers.
From the base of these culms several small shoots developed in the first year displaying small and elegant leaves.This is why people did not expect too much from its winter-hardiness and it also explains why such little effort was put into importing and testing material of this species.Pubescence of the north before.Each botanist can easily connect his or her kortingsbonnen kalkar name to the introduction of a new species.Confusion about Phyllostachys vivax.The hybrid identity of a number of bamboos like Hibanobambusa tranquillans and Semiarundinaria has been unveiled.In the spring of 1997, a broken box arrived at my place containing some bamboos collected from the wild.The growth habit is quite erect, reaching heights of 2 to 3m (7 to 10 feet).This mutation occurred at about the same time in my own nursery and in the nursery of Hans Prins, and perhaps, who knows, in other places too.Various large clumps with relatively thick culms took up part of the space.Vivax 'Aureocaulis' we can assume a similar winter hardiness.A detailed study of pictures of the shoots of this plant in the "Compendium of Chinese Bamboo" as well as other sources and examples removed most of our doubts.They are initially slightly oblique, but when they grow taller, they become erect.