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Release and recognitions The movie grossed US23 million in its first weekend of US release and.6 million altogether in US box office receipts 243 million worldwide.
Upon seeing pictures of the posters, Dan said they would be pretty straightforward to restore.
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He introduces himself as " Clint Eastwood and Seamus, followed reluctantly by his wife Maggie, agree to help Marty spiegellijst maken find his "blacksmith friend".Jennifer tries to persuade Marty not to accept it, but when Needles calls Marty a " chicken Marty shifts the truck into gear and looks like he is going to take the challenge.1955 Doc Brown should then be able to retain this knowledge until 1985 to avoid the accident, just as he used knowledge of the future to wear a bulletproof vest during the first time travel experiment in the first installment of the series.The three films were re-released in 2009 individually on DVD, and in a 25th anniversary set on October 26, 2010 on Blu-ray and DVD.Once Doc wakes up, he dictates the previous night's events on his reel-to-reel tape recorder, during which briefly assumes that what he saw was just an "residual image but resumes his state of shock when he realizes Marty's right behind him.Doc points out that the tombstone may be blank but since it's still actually present means that one of them could be dead on Monday.
Video and computer games Main article: Back to the Future video games LJN released an NES game called Back to the Future II III, a sequel to their game based on the first movie.
Their parents were, perhaps, children once.
During the fight while using a gun, Buford angers Marty by trying to shoot him, and Marty kicks the gun out of Buford's hand.
Marty takes a photograph of the tombstone.
However, Marty is able to defeat Tannen with a trick the real Clint Eastwood once used, and punches him into a wheelbarrow full of manure.The Cavalry chases the Indians away, and Marty drives the DeLorean into a cave.They then put the DeLorean in front of the train and begin to push it, with Doc in the cab to insert the logs and Marty waiting in the car.Lamenting that he would never see Doc again, Marty is surprised as the railroad crossing lights activate without a train in sight.Going to Clara's house, Doc angers Clara by telling her that he is a scientist from 1985 and that he has a time machine.However, it is unlikely that this car kortingsbon smulders has any gas in it; when storing a car for long periods of time, one drains out all the fluids (including gasoline and Doc would surely have done this before burying the car in the mine (this.Marty wanders into town, still wearing his 1985 clothing, and the townsfolk look at his goose down jacket and ask him why he's wearing a life preserver.In the DVD widescreen edition there was a minor framing flaw that Universal has since corrected, available in sets manufactured after February 21, 2003.His parents (let's face it) are hopeless nerds.Marty tells Doc that he will leave with him in the DeLorean on Monday, but "if Buford Tannen comes looking for trouble, he's gonna get." Doc warns him that he shouldn't get mad every time someone calls him a name because that what causes.The next day however, Marty notices that a photo he took of the Doc's gravestone has changed.She quickly leaves to catch him.Doc and Marty then leave to go "borrow" the locomotive.