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Copy all of the koppeling maken in standaardprogramma's files you would like backed up to a folder on the computer.
This will allow you to change how often the computer makes a backup, how long files are kept, and groep maken in messenger how much space is allowed to be taken.
You can even automate the process in Windows and set it to backup regularly at certain time intervals.Before backup, please check: Whether the external hard drive has enough free space (when you set up backup, it will inform you how much space is needed.These services also do not offer robust file versioning, which means retrieving an older version of a file can be difficult or impossible.Void outside the.S., in Puerto Rico, and wherever else prohibited by law.Select the check box next to the files your media or pictures is stored.
Method 5 Individual Files 1 Find a storage device.
Then simply hit the button to save your settings and run the backup and you're done.
Using a USB cable or other method of connection, plug the storage device into the computer you wish to back.Back up media pictures From phone From any Home screen, tap Apps.Why my computer lost files?4 Choose your backup location.This should be at least twice the size of the hard drive you are trying to back.If automatic recognition does not occur, you can start the process manually by accessing Time Machine from the System Preferences.The Dell PC goes abnormally after updating to Windows.The files can be further subdivided into more folders if you wish.Moreover, backup on the same computer would also be a bug since the backup files will be gone if the computer is broken or frozen.The Phone icon is your device's internal storage.With the settings configured, make sure that the correct backup drive is selected (the external drive should be chosen by default).If you don't know how to enter Control Panel, you are able to search it in Search bar which is next to the Start menu in Win.Drag the files to the external hard drive with left-clicking.Click the Options button in the lower right corner to change excluded items, set up notifications, and battery power options.

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If necessary, navigate to and tap the desired folder.