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She needs to decide if seeing spirits is something that she wants.
The seeds should also appear whole, not smashed, if they dont look whole that means something has been trying to come.And even though I can see earthbound spirits, I am unable to confirm via e-mail whether or not you have one in your house, or who it would be if you do have one.I have tried holy water and the crucifix and praying the rosary.You can also search reputable web sites such.Happy New Year to everyone, I hope that the year has started off with a Bang.That would also let you know that he has crossed over and is watching out for you.Things are moved and turned off and on to get your attention and to cause fear and tension in the houseearthbound spirits need to have our energy to be here, and they get it from you in your house by causing fear, tension, and some.Does this have something to do with the strong sense of spirits close around me, that I've felt since then also?I leave a baby monitor on each night to listen for my son.The best way to tell is if you smudge your house or have your house blessed by an ordained priest or minster, if you notice that things calm down for a little bit then you are more than likely on the right path that you.The way to tell if she has crossed into the light or not is if you have had any dreams about her.
If you have a faith in God, and bless the house room by room in the name of Jesus, I would think that it is pretty powerful.
I found out the previous owner committed suicide in the garage.
They show up differently because each one has different amount of energy at the time.
Can you help me out with this?I am sure that my ex wife is sending me negative energy.My best friend of 20 years was recently killed in a car accident.It sounds like most everyone has at least one or more earthbound spirts around them.Check around and ask some other family members if anyone has had dreams of him, and if they have then you can be assured that he has crossed into the light.The person that you are dreaming about is actually coming to visit you and say goodbye.James Van Praagh for local referals.I get smokers' cough from time to timeis my health going to be ok?So the spirit cant physically harm you, but can cause a very uncomfortable home.John I am sorry for you loss.Also, if we have the house blessed, what happens to the spirits?(CLS) It is possible that your grandmother could have come with you to the new house, although I dont think that she would be the cause of the strange smells and things missing.